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We Offer a wide range of Buildings Services



We Offer a wide range of INFRASTRUCTURE Services


OTHER Services

We Offer a wide range of Services

  • MEP Preliminary Designs
  • Detailed Working Drawings
  • Technical Specifications
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Analysis of Tenders
  • Renovation of old buildings
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Building 3D modeling
  • 4D Simulation
  • Family Creation
  • Clash detection & Coordination
  • Revit MEP-based Shop drawing
  • Building Energy Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • ERP (ODOO)

Main Service

Professional consulting engineers to provide service that provides independent expertise in engineering, science and related areas to governments, industries, developers and construction firms. To provide the following engineering services.

Plumbing - Sewage -Fire Fighting - HVAC Systems - Sump Pits, Dry Pits and Septic Tanks - Elevated Water Tanks - Piping Systems - including Piping Plans, ISO, - Stress Analysis - Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks - Noise and Control - Process Pumps and Compressors - Heat Exchangers - Material Selections - Loading Systems

Beyond leading-edge technology and insight, our electrical engineering services include something else: creativity.

Our engineers are experts at devising solutions, that effectively meet client needs in power system design, energy use telecommunications and more.

Our innovative use of renewable energy focuses on power reduction,

Power generation

Low voltage system design

low current systems" fire alarm, CCTV, Telephone Systems, Data Systems, access control, BMS, KNX ..... ETC

Power quality testing & monitoring

Distributed Generation

Photovoltaic (PV) systems design

As the footprints of SUS-Builders centers grow, so too does the need for civil and infrastructure engineering of the very highest quality.

The increasing reliance on large-scale infrastructure means that the design and construction process must not only meet demand but also foresee future capacity, minimize environmental impact and improve the quality of life for those whom it serves.

Utilizing our experience in delivering intricate civil engineering and utilities infrastructure projects, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with sustainable solutions.

Our staff have considerable experience in the following areas:

Drainage-Highways-Earthworks-Temporary Works-Heavy Foundations- Bridges-Retaining Walls-Site supervision-Treatment works-Plant supports and gantries-Water Retaining Tanks-Canals-Airfields-Flood Risk Assessments

Architecture is the practical art, uniting form with function, elegance with economy. But it is also a dialogue, one that starts with us listening to our clients; then interacting with the physical context, which influences everything from design to materials; then learning from our various experts who contribute their knowledge and experience.

Our architectural services comprise Site Selection and Planning, Architectural Design, Interior Architecture, and Wayfinding and Signage, among other things. But in all of these, the abiding feature of our work is sustainable design, which we weave, as much as possible, into all of the projects we undertake.

Building simulation is the process of using a computer to build a virtual replica of a building. by taking that building through the weather conditions of an entire year. building simulation is a way to quantitatively predict the future and thus has considerable value.

Building simulation is commonly divided into two categories:

  1. Load Design,
  2. Energy-Analysis.
  3. Load Design used to determine:
    • Air conditioning loads.
    • Volumetric air flow requirements.
    • Equipment capacities.
    • Supply temperatures.
    • Hydronic plant capacities (worst case simultaneous load).
  1. Energy-Analysis is used to:
    • Predict the monthly energy consumption and bills.
    • Predict the annual energy costs.
    • Annual CO2 emissions.
    • Compare and contrast different efficiency options.
    • Determine life cycle payback on various options.

Building energy simulation, also called building energy modeling, is the use of software to predict the energy use of a building.

Ventilation and Comfort Modeling

Occupant thermal comfort and indoor air quality are the primary objectives of HVAC design for buildings and vehicles. Predicting room conditions (air velocity, temperature, relative humidity, thermal radiation, contaminants) which are affected by changes due to heat loss and solar gains through the structure (wall, roof, windows, doors) provides necessary information for design improvement.

Using such simulation results coupled with information about an occupant's activity and clothing, designers can assess a variety of comfort criteria. This is particularly valuable in testing the effectiveness of novel strategies and concepts including natural and mixed-mode ventilation. It is also important in minimizing energy consumption through the improvement of building materials and available HVAC equipment.

Fire, Smoke Movement and Explosions

Fire and smoke propagation represents a significant risk for public safety in buildings, tunnels and underground rail systems. Smoke management systems are critical life-saving devices, and their expected performance must be evaluated in the design stage. Fire suppression systems must also be understood and optimized. Material resistance to explosion, fire and extreme heat, as well as structural deterioration from catastrophic events, must be analyzed accurately. Simulating explosions and fire scenarios is an important stage of a performance-based design cycle. The results can demonstrate that smoke/fire management system designs maintain both safe

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  1. Uses 3D models to capture, explore, and maintain consistent and coordinated planning, design, construction, and operational data
  2. Provides greater project insight for cost, schedule, and constructability
  3. Uses and shares the same consistent data whether you’re at your desk or in the field
  4.  Enables prompt response to change with processes that are smarter and faster


Problems owners face (Without BIM)

  1. Over 60% of major capital programs fail to meet cost and schedule targets
  2. 30% of construction cost is rework
  3. 55% of maintenance remains reactive

Using BIM, owners can:

  1. Improve building quality
  2. Significantly reduce building lifecycle costs
  3. Better understand design projects from beginning to end
  4. Optimize operational efficiencies
  5. Increase occupancy and use rates

How BIM saves owners’ time and money through the building lifecycle

  1. Design
    • Conceptual design
    • Sustainable building design
    • Design Documentation

2. Construction

    • General construction
    • Pre-fabrication, modular
    • construction

3. Management

    • Lifecycle costs

BIM saves time and money in the design phase

  1. Quickly iterate on design elements including building form, sustainability, client requests, municipal regulations, budget, and more. Conduct analyses and simulation
  2. Complete energy analysis early in the design stage to reduce ongoing energy consumption
  3. Create a building model and complete set of designs documents in an integrated database, where everything is interconnected and there is real time self-coordination of information.

A shop drawing is a set of drawings produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor, or fabricator. Shop drawings are typically required for prefabricated components.

Also critical are the installation and coordination shop drawings of the MEP trades such as sheet metal ductwork, piping, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical. Shop drawings are produced by contractors and suppliers under their contract with the owner.

The shop drawing is the manufacturer’s or the contractor’s drawn version of information shown in the construction documents. The shop drawing normally shows more detail than the construction documents. It is drawn to explain the fabrication and/or installation of the items to the manufacturer’s production crew or contractor's installation crews.

Engineering Solution include the Following:

  1.  Design Review and Calculations.
  2. Check for all Material Submittals according to Design drawing, BOQ, Schedules and Spec’s.
  3. Shop Drawing with Installation Details.
  4. Coordination Between all Trades.
  5. HVAC duct fabrication drawing
  6. Site Supervision for Construction.

Long Distance SUS-Builders Consultations Services are useful if for some reason you are unable to have a consultant visit your Company /business/Site. They can also be particularly useful if you need the consultation quickly, away, anywhere any language and any time. we provide "Contractor portable "for immediate response and uploading and downloading files with 24 hours Services as per contracts with professional’s engineers.

We can offer the following,

Tenders Study and Pricing for "Egypt and Gulf Countries Only”

  1. Design
  2. Shop drawings
  3. BIM ( 3d(Revit) - 4d - 5d - 6d )
  4. projects planning
  5. Risk Assessment Consulting
  6. HSE Consulting
  7. Technical Specifications
  8. Bill of Quantities
  9. Supervision of Constructions
  10. BEM ( Building Energy Model )
  11. CFD ( by Ansys)

Safety Management Systems specializes in facilitating creation, implementation, andmaintenance of individualized HSE management plans and programs. We provide safety and environmental regulation assistance with our complete range of. OSHA and NEBOSH compliant programs, training, and policy development plans.

SUS-Builders consultants function in much the same capacity as a senior administrator or HSE manager would. They support your operations by creating policies and procedures, interfacing with industry regulation databases, and implementing management programs for contractors and Short Service Employee [SSE] processing.

The ultimate goal is to integrate safety into the business culture, which is best achieved through consistent compliance with HSE regulations. Because each client's situation is different, we customize our methods in:

Behavioral-Based           Safety -BBS

Corrective action planning

Management system training

This comprehensive, flexible approach allows us to develop and implement the right safety management system and safety manual for any company or Environment.

Providing expert consulting and engineering services

along with leading information technology to Projects and Industries

SUS-Builders provides tenders and procurement consultancy services.

At SUS-Builders we guide our clients right the way through the tendering process. We prepare all the required documents and in conjunction with the client, develop the tender specification. We specialize in developing the specification in line with the business needs and requirements of the client to ensure the required service is provided. On the procurement side, we assist our clients in sourcing suitable suppliers and ensure they get the best value and quality in consumables and Facilities Management services.

  • Bid Prepare- full review of procurement policies, processes and documentation
  • Bid Review- detailed analysis of past submissions and supporting documentation to evaluate your capacity to create successful and compliant bids
  • Bid Support- real-time support from an experienced consultant during your tender exercise.
  • Bid Challenge- independent review of your submission, resultant outcome and identification of ground to challenge the contracting authority's decision.